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Take control with identity theft prevention and restoration.

Your credit standing and personal account information are a necessity in today's world. AMEX Identity Defence helps to protect and safeguard you against unforeseen occurrences that put these assets at risk. As a subscriber, you will have access to:

  • Identity Theft Prevention Services: Minimize the chance of your identity being put at risk, and limit the damage of fraudulent usage if it is stolen. Use our secure systems to register any number of credit cards and debit cards, including those held by your spouse and dependant children.

  • Identity Theft Restoration: If you believe your identity has been stolen, you can rely on immediate expert advice--Certified Fraud Restoration Specialists will guide you through the recovery process. 

  • Traveller Services: Be sure to take advantage of our array of travel services such as the travel voice mail service and pre-trip travel information. In case of an emergency, take comfort in knowing you have extra support while travelling with services such as emergency cash transfer, emergency airline ticket(s) and emergency message relay. 

  • Personal Convenience Services: Our date reminder service will send you special email reminders in advance of registered dates. Our change of address service will also help take some of the hassle out of everyday life, too.